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Jan van Heese

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Jan van Heese

My name is Jan van Heese. I am a retired historyteacher ( University of Nijmegen ) and since 2008 , I started citywalks in my hometown Nijmegen . More specialized later about Worldwar2 in and around Nijmegen. My city suffered very much during the last 2 years of ye war; the bombing and the liberation including the heroic “Waalcrossing “. Also I am a volunteer in the National Lberation museum 44-45 at Groesbeek and member of the foundation “oorlogsdoden”Nijmegen. ( We contiously do research of casualties of WW2 in and around Nijmegen.

I am specialized in Battlefieldtours in and around Nijmegen-Groesbeek,  Nijmegen -Ooij polder, Arnhem-Oosterbeek, “battle of Arnhem “, the Betuwe “the island” and  Overloon-Venlo.


My languages spoken  ( good ) are dutch , english and german . Also French ( if I will be informed before ) so that I have time to prepare .

Last years ( 7) I did many Battlefield tours for Viking, Crystal, Grand circle, Vantage and other  rivercruisecompanies as well as for private persons . 

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