3. Josphine Baker performs!

3. Josphine Baker performs!


Hoogstraat 15, Overasselt, Pays-Bas
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3. Josphine Baker performs!

In October 1944, the world famous revue star, Josephine Baker, performed here in the Café van Lin in Overasselt. On three successive nights, accompanied by her 8-strong orchestra, she gave a tumultuous show with many costume changes. Almost no one knew at the time that this 'Black Pearl' worked for the French Resistance.

Welfare of troops was taken seriously by both the Allies and by Germany. Between periods of fighting, the troops had a long wait before being sent into action, and the fear of being wounded or killed was ever-present. As a distraction, and in order to keep up morale, various entertainment programmes were organised. Films were screened, and special radio programmes broadcast. However, the unforgettable highlights were when famous showbusiness figures came to the front to perform for the troops.

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Hoogstraat 15, Overasselt. At the Monica Zeegers Funeral Home. GPS code: 51˚45’40.33”N 5˚47’19.51”E

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Hoogstraat 15, Overasselt, Pays-Bas