62. The attack

62. The attack

29-09-1944 - 30-09-1944

Nijkerkerstraat-Waterweg, Putten, Pays-Bas
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62. The attack

In the autumn of 1944, the organised underground in Putten is very active. On the 30th of September, eight resistance men perpetrate an attack on a German passenger car on the Oldenaller Bridge. Two officers are injured and one of them dies. The German high command treats the incident very seriously with disastrous consequences!

Enny's Farm, very isolated in the woods between Barneveld and Putten, is the headquarters of the resistance headed by Mr. A. Witvoet. On Friday the 29th of September 1944, the group plans an attack on the German occupiers but it comes to nothing. The next evening, a second attempt is made near Oldenaller Bridge. The resistance fighters fire on a German passenger car transporting four military men. In the ensuiing fire fight one of the members of the resistance is wounded.The German high command takes the incident very seriously and takes gruesome revenge on Putten village.

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Corner of Nijkerkerstraat - Waterweg Putten

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Nijkerkerstraat-Waterweg, Putten, Pays-Bas