4. The Vanished Grave

4. The Vanished Grave


Groesbeekseweg, Mook, Pays-Bas
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4. The Vanished Grave

War is cruel and costs countless lives. For those left behind, it is important to know where their loved ones died and where they are buried. But war is also chaotic. And in that chaos, even the dead can disappear. The family of Private Eric Holmes were told of his death. But where was he buried?

On September 17 1944, the Americans captured Mook; three days later the Germans counter-attacked, and succeeded in retaking the village in the afternoon. That same evening, Mook changed hands again, recaptured with the support of the British XXX Corps.

Outside the Catholic Church in Mook, Eric Holmes, of the 1st Battallion of the Suffolk Regiment, is buried. Records of the location of Private Holmes' grave were lost. With the help of someone from Beek, the family spent more than 40 years searching for his last resting place. It was at last found, on the south side of the church. Private Holmes is still buried there.

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Groesbeekseweg, Mook. At the entrance to the British War Cemetery. GPS code: 51˚45’13.58”N 5˚53’09.35”E

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Groesbeekseweg, Mook, Pays-Bas